Monday, December 26, 2011

Rambling no1000000

Hello! Miss me much? Haha...
It's time for another rambling...
My aunt asked me about what interest me, what I want out of life. After thinking long and hard, (trust me, I really did) the answer is I don't know. I used to find life fascinating. Now, everything seems so dull to me. I guess it comes with being a recluse.
I guess since I can't close the old chapter that I find it hard to move on with my life. It's like a sentence hanging just waiting for me to put a full stop.
But sometime, you just need time and new inspiration. I never thought about this but it is possible for me to just abandon that chapter and open a new one. Maybe someday, I could revisit that old chapter and finish it or just leave it as it is. A part of my life that can never be changed but serves as a reminder of what should be avoid and what I'm capable of. Moving on...
My aunt said that when God closed one door for me, a lot more door are open. Now, I just have to search which door I'm going.
I guess it's time to put on my thinking cap (OMG, it's been so long since I have to do that).

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