Friday, August 3, 2012

I'm not that young!

Assalamualaikum. It's been a long time since the last post. Don't ask me where I've been. I'm going through some stuff for a while now. So I'm going 'dark'.

Anyway, my baby face got me in a very nerve wrecking situation today. I got pulled aside by Mr.JPJ today. Mr.JPJ Sepang must not like me because this is the 3rd time I got into this situation. They pulled me aside just to check my driver's license. I was never good when dealing with the authorities. Even when I did nothing wrong, my blood runs cold at the thought of having to interact with them. Dear Mr.JPJ Sepang, I have been holding a legitimate driving license since 2008 (not the L license). Please stop making me nervous. I may not be the best driver ever, but the worst trouble I could get into is fender bender at the carpark. So unless you want to teach me how to park, please leave me alone!

I'm always happy when people say I look young, but this is not one of that time!

p/s : Ashamed to admit but after all these years I still suck at parking... and driving :(


oYaRn said...

Where hve you been babes?

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