Friday, March 9, 2012


How did you learn how to cook? Did someone teach you or did you like me one day decided to get in the kitchen and put something together so you won't starve? I now know that everyone can cook. If you set aside how it's going to taste anyway.

I guess I don't have the patience and effort. I am always finding ways to make it simpler. Using less utensils so I have less to clean. Using fuss free ingredients. And of course finding stuff to replace stuff that I don't like (anchovies). Combine the dish into one (meat and veggies) instead of having a spread. As you can guess, the outcome is not as spectacular as the food cooks with tlc. But hey, if I can eat it, it's not that bad. Taste is a matter of preference anyways.

With some guidance and an actual recipe, I must say I'm actually quite good. Trust me, cooking for Raya is actually easy (just time consuming). If I can do it, anyone can. Anyone with time and no children that needs attention every 10 minutes that is.

The make up recipe is the one that sets me down. That's why I'm no chef. I haven't had the super tongue to guess the ingredients in the food. If you watch Masterchef, you'll know it's more than just what meets the eye. Even given the same ingredients, the taste could differ based on how you prep the ingredients. If you cut corners, chances are it won't be as good as if you take the time and make some effort. And sometime, less is more. Putting an extra amount of ingredient doesn't always make it taste better.

I might not be the greatest cook out there but I can fend for myself. Isn't that really the point of cooking anyway? Someone once told me that once you get married, you'll get better. I don't know about that, but I do know that when in a pinch, you'll find a way. I can now say I can feed the kids. Just not the fussy one, please. There's no way I can beat grandma's cooking.

The downside of cooking for me is cleaning. I'm the either or type. If I cook, I don't wanna clean. But if you cook, I don't mind cleaning. So those who does both, I respect you.

My next mission is baking. Since oven is a new territory for me, I kinda scared. Anyway, I don't have the ingredients for baking laying around in my house. Having to actually shop for ingredients is a hassle. So, yeah, not in the near future I guess. Since I kinda fail at using a microwave (I burnt fries), I don't have high hopes for my baking skills. When I do try, I'll let you know.

If you do have simple recipe with minimal ingredients and prep, please send it my way. I would love to try it.

p/s : I hate bad hawker stall's food. That's just mean.

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