Thursday, March 22, 2012

Food diary

Midnight drive to McD is no longer the same. Maybe it's the lack of company. Maybe I just don't like McD anymore (lie). But yeah, don't really do it anymore.

So far, the food from the cafe doesn't agree with me. Maybe I just haven't hit jackpot yet. Okay, the chicken rice is nice. But 3 times a week is overkill.

So what have I been eating? Maggi, instant porridge, bread (with lots of margarine and jam) and oats. Oh, and the occasional food supplement (yucky). And lots, and lots of snacks (healthy = raisins, pistachios; unhealthy = mamee, honey stars, chocolate).

My tummy really hates me now. So does my head, I think. Really need to eat better. But yeah, eating alone is no fun :(

p/s : Typing this while munching on Big Mac. And sipping Coke. At six in the morning. And I wonder why I feel flabby. Sigh...

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